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Accurate. Grocery stores are like a panic room right now. Literally witnessed this sweating, shaking woman pushing through people and stuffing her cart full of every available packaged meat. She actually swiped a tray of steaks away from a man who was about to grab it. So out of hand...

Definitely one of the better intros I've seen in NC's videos, light years better than that embarrassing 2017 intro with the vibrating characters flying at you. The Beetlejuice cartoon intro is batshit insane and you really captured that manic energy. Thumbs up!

Loved all the wacky dog designs. Beautiful line work and colors.

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An okay effort. The game goes back and forth with several puzzle concepts without really expanding them and the trial and error levels (namely 22 and 25) weren't especially fun. Difficulty wasn't consistent, either. The last level seemed absurdly simple compared to the previous ones. I think it would benefit separating the different puzzle concepts into their own collections that way everything remains consistent and it gets progressively harder as players make their way through them. Unsure if that's royalty free music and a .JPG background either. The presentation could look more unique and appealing. I also think level 16 had a poor spawn point. I died way before I can even tell what I had to do.

Saw this on Oney Plays and wanted to try it myself. It's a very good idea but I think you could really amp up the challenge with more obstacles. Heck, just doubling the vehicles on screen would be enough to make the game more chaotic and fun. Sometimes it just seemed too straightforward and easy to reach a goal. The slow-mo effect is really neat when close calls occur. Wouldn't hurt to add some music and more dynamic sound effects that reflect the fast-paced, chaotic nature, such as tire screeching and metallic crashing noises. The visuals are nice the way they are though. Sometimes a simple, blocky look is all you need.

Nice bad hit detection.

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Pretty cute, getting a real cyberpunk vibe. In fact, it's motivating me to draw my OCs and practice more with anatomy. Man, it's tough.

Palkoark responds:

you can do it!! references are your friend, i used a ton for these blokes

Wow, this is cute!

i can hear the music

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